The Voyager 1911

Mankind has always dreamed of exploring time. Our past holds rich history and cherished memories. The future, a promise of an exciting unknown. Cabot’s Voyager 1911 represents the apex of just such a journey—billions of years in the making—a stunning pistol truly ahead of its time.

Eons ago, the now-exquisitely finished material used for the Voyager’s grips was created. The meteorite grips are the culmination of Cabot’s knowledge on finishing techniques that draw out both the vibrant colors and the spectacular crystalline Widmanstätten pattern.

The Voyager’s eye-catching grips may be its first step through time, but the second is surely the most beautiful trigger fitted for a Cabot pistol. Our frequent collaborator, Master Blacksmith Robert Eggerling, crafted the trigger material from another of his unique, hand-forged pieces of mosaic Damascus.

The Voyager’s refinements include distinctive blue rack-assist buttons, matching grip screws, and other hand-crafted hardware. Finally, twinkling like a star light years away, the glittering diamond front sight urges the Voyager 1911’s owner to begin their own journey.


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