Zebra Damascus Set

One of a Kind Mirror Image 1911 Set

The bright beam from a head-mounted lamp captured each ephemeral spark as the hammer rang against ancient rock. The sound resonated again and again throughout the hidden chamber until one final blow breached the castle’s defenses and centuries of stone and mortar collapsed amidst a heavy dust cloud. The treasure seeker—who preferred the term historian—was digging in a forgotten sub-basement of a once-formidable fortress.

There! His light flashed over a dark shape entwined in the massive roots of the black walnut that towered over the Hall of Knights, fifty feet above. Legends said the old tree had grown from the very foundations of the castle itself, fighting its way upward until the branches spread wide under the canopy of Heaven. Hours of careful excavation secured the prize. Yet, as the archaic book rested its surprising weight in his dusty hands, there was still one more challenge: an old but still imposing lock. This would have to wait. His investors wanted to witness the book’s opening….

The historian addressed the small gathering. “It’s not a book at all, but a cleverly designed box, albeit one that resembles an oversized book to the casual observer.” Pulling a discolored iron skeleton key from the pocket of his tuxedo, the historian noticed the eyes of his audience followed intently as he inserted it into the intricate lock. None of them had ever seen one quite like it. The lock’s round, metal body fell free with a metallic click and hung there, swinging gently from the specially fitted iron clasp. With a whisper, the box’s lid opened to his touch, revealing the treasure within.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Cabot Guns Zebra Damascus 1911 pistols.

Cabot is proud to present a treasured OAK (One of a Kind) matched set of true right- and left-handed custom 1911 pistols. This gorgeous set of pistols features hand-crafted Damascus steel slides, mammoth ivory grips with zebra-like striping tones, diamond front sights, and all the usual refinements one expects from Cabot.

These beautiful treasures rest inside the amazing custom case, a collaborative effort with fine furniture artisan Mark Huston. The exquisite one-of-a-kind medieval ball padlock and key were hand-forged just for the case. The pistols rest in a gun tray made with meticulous waterjet cuts—a first for this technique. Immortalized with custom serial numbers: ZEBRA-RH1 and ZEBRA-LH1, we know you will agree that the Zebra Damascus matched set of pistols is a worthy treasure for the most discerning collector and future generations.


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