World's First Experiential Firearm

Welcome to The Sherlock Holmes 1911—an immersive journey into the world of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Prepare to be captivated by intrigue, deduction, and adventure unlike any other as you step into this art experience.
Delve into a world where every detail holds a secret waiting to be uncovered. The Sherlock Holmes 1911 invites you to become the detective, immersing yourself in a narrative woven with mystery, suspense, and cunning.
At the heart of The Sherlock Holmes 1911 lies a meticulously crafted pistol, bearing the serial number 2HERLOCK. This museum-grade masterpiece is more than just a firearm; it's a canvas that tells the tales of Sherlock Holmes's most thrilling adventures.
As you examine the pistol, intricate engravings come to life, each revealing a facet of Holmes's world. From portraits of his trusted allies to maps of London and cryptic symbols hinting at unsolved mysteries, every detail beckons you deeper into the enigma of Sherlock Holmes.
Accompanying the pistol is a luxurious travel trunk, designed and handcrafted by the finest artisans in Paris. Clad in deep red leather and lined with tartan, the trunk exudes the elegance and mystery of Holmes's world.
Unlocking its secrets reveals a treasure trove of surprises—a magnifying glass, an antique syringe, and a drug vessel, each imbued with the essence of Sherlock Holmes. But it's the small, humorous details that truly delight—the locks engraved with Sherlock's private apartment address, and the initials "V" and "R" written with bullet holes, reminiscent of Holmes's eccentricity.
But the adventure doesn't end there. The Sherlock Holmes 1911 invites you to participate in a two-day guided scavenger hunt through the streets of Paris, France. Led by the Founder of Les Ateliers Victor, a true Sherlock Holmes aficionado, this immersive experience challenges you to solve cryptic riddles and uncover hidden secrets.
From accommodations at the historic Hotel du Louvre to private cruises on the Seine River, each stop on the scavenger hunt offers exclusive experiences that bring you closer to unraveling the final mystery of Sherlock Holmes. Marvel at the unknown anecdotes of the Louvre Museum, indulge in traditional tea time at La Reserve Paris, and discover a final, secret location within Paris—an enigmatic destination so exclusive, you'll scarcely believe it exists.
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The Sherlock Holmes 1911 is a masterpiece, meticulously hand engraved to honor the legendary detective and his adventures. This unique firearm features intricate engravings that encapsulate the world of Sherlock Holmes, including portraits of his trusted allies and cunning adversaries. Portrayals of the Baskerville Hound and Professor Moriarty, Holmes’s most perilous encounters, adorn the grips, showcasing his daring adventures. Within the engraving lies the first of several riddles to be solved.

Engraved maps of London, both the bustling streets around 221B Baker Street and the labyrinthine alleys near Scotland Yard, showcase Holmes’s domain. A music score of Mendelssohn’s violin concerto, which resonated through the walls of 221B as Holmes serenaded Watson, is etched along the top of the slide. Intriguing drawings of Asian fish, a cryptic homage to a pivotal clue in one of Holmes’s cases, also grace the pistol.

The right grip panel is meticulously engraved to portray the haunting scene from “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” The moonlit moors provide a backdrop for the formidable hound, while Holmes and Watson are frozen in a moment of overwhelming fear. This captivating artwork intertwines supernatural elements with tangible fear, transforming the pistol grip into a unique artifact brimming with story and character.

Meanwhile, The left grip panel showcases a masterful engraving depicting the iconic climax from “The Final Problem.” It captures the dramatic setting of the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland, with Holmes and Moriarty locked in a perilous struggle near the edge. The tension and dynamism of their confrontation are intricately etched, culminating in a thrilling moment as they seem to tumble over the falls.

The pistol slide, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, intricately weaves the narrative tapestry of Sherlock Holmes’s world. Hand-engraved details pay homage to iconic characters and pivotal moments from Conan Doyle’s tales. On the left side, Toby the hound and Pinkerton agent John McMurdo emerge, embodying the essence of undercover work and moral complexity. Inspectors Gregson and Lestrade stand alongside, symbols of tireless pursuit within London’s foggy streets.  In the slide’s center lies a vintage map of Victorian London, highlighting Scotland Yard and St. Matthew’s Church, emblematic of Holmes’s investigative heart. Moving forward, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft Holmes, Mary Morstan, and Dr. John Watson grace the slide, representing the personal ties grounding Holmes’s adventures.

The right side delves into darker elements, featuring Professor Moriarty, Irene Adler, Colonel Sebastian Moran, and Grimesby Roylott. Another vintage map focuses on Baker Street, Holmes’s iconic address. Tonga, Hugh Boone, McGuinty, and the Hound of the Baskervilles conclude the narrative, reflecting diverse challenges and mythical elements. Engraved by FEGA Master Engraver Lee Griffiths, this pistol slide transcends its function, embodying the essence of Conan Doyle’s detective saga.

Crafted by Les Ateliers Victor of Paris, France, this custom travel trunk pays homage to Sherlock Holmes. Its design embodies Holmes’s adventures and persona. The trunk’s exterior features rich, deep red leather, reminiscent of Holmes’s dressing gown and the ambiance of 221B Baker Street. Opening it reveals a tartan lining, a nod to Holmes’s deerstalker hat, immersing the owner in his world. Intricately engraved locks depict Holmes’s apartment facade and Baker Street address. Inside, the initials “V” and “R” recreate his apartment’s bullet-pocked walls, shot into the leather in a secret Parisian range.

Besides housing the pistol, the trunk includes items deepening the connection to Holmes. A magnifying glass symbolizes his investigative prowess, while an antique syringe reflects his complex relationship with drugs. A repurposed drug vessel serves as an oil container, discreetly nodding to Holmes’s vices. More than an accessory, this trunk is a portal to Holmes’s world, designed for those valuing function, form, and storytelling.  A secret compartment holds another clue to the Sherlock Holmes Experience—a cipher deciphered from the Dancing Alphabet Men code, adding intrigue and mystery.

World Class Scavenger Hunt

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Embark on an immersive two-day Sherlock Holmes Final Mystery Scavenger Hunt in Paris, led by the expert Founder of Les Ateliers Victor. With a partner, solve cryptic riddles leading to various city locations, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems, delving deep into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Stay at the historic Hotel du Louvre, adjacent to the famous Louvre Museum, where you’ll explore its extensive collection, enriching your understanding of Paris’s history and culture. Indulge in a luxurious private cruise and dining experience on the Seine River, accompanied by a dedicated staff and private chef, for an enchanting evening under Paris’s evening lights.

Experience traditional tea time at La Reserve Paris, then uncover the pinnacle challenge at a secret, exclusive location within Paris, where the ultimate mystery awaits, promising a thrilling finale to your adventure.  The game is afoot!


Only 1 Sherlock Holmes 1911 will ever exist.  A nonrefundable $20,000 deposit is required to hold the pistol with the balance due in 30 days via wire transfer or ACH.  If you attempt to purchase Sherlock and receive an error at checkout, that means it is no longer available and the website has not yet been updated.  CLICK HERE for The Sherlock Homes 1911 Experience Terms and Conditions

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