Cabot Thunderstruck

One of a Kind Damascus Steel 1911


Cabot Guns is excited to announce their next OAK (One-of-A-Kind) Custom 1911 pistol: Thunderstruck.

Mother Nature conjures visions of safety and security, yet nature often reveals a dangerous side. Unseen, elemental forces collide and generate jagged shards of lightning that streak toward earth and create explosive sound waves of thunder in their wake. And although no one is ever literally thunderstruck, there are moments when we flinch away from an unexpected crash after a nearby lightning strike. Adventurers can affirm that geography matters, and occupying the high ground often increases the odds of a deadly strike.

The Cabot Thunderstruck is a singular creation that could very well change this meteorological dynamic, with its beautiful Damascus steel slide resembling a topographical map. The slide and grips were crafted by renowned multi-media artist Jason Morrissey and feature two different metal techniques. The upper spotlights Jason’s version of a twist steel, which yields intentional pockets of irregularity (hence the topographical resemblance), while the grips incorporate his insane pattern welded technique.

It is exceedingly rare for us to obtain Jason’s workmanship and we have only been able to complete a few guns from his exotic material, but that short list includes the Diablo Damascus.

For Thunderstruck, we engineered trademark elements such as a meteorite front sight and a meteorite rear sight made in the Cabot Dante style. We also added a cheeky serial number—THUND3RSTRUCK— to ensure this one-of-a-kind pistol doesn’t call down the ATF’s thunder.

A unique and striking 1911 pistol deserves an equally unique case. For Thunderstruck, former engineer and master woodworker Mark Huston has constructed a spectacular book enclosure in which Thunderstruck can either be secured and concealed, or tastefully displayed—ready for any storm. The interior features our freedom design fit and boasts another hidden rare earth magnet to hold the gun in place. The case can be placed vertically, like a book on a shelf containing a hidden treasure for a future generation to discover.

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