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For some collectors, owning one Custom Cabot 1911 can be the crown jewel of a collection. However, for those looking to assemble the ultimate collection, we have curated an entire series of limited edition pistols. Cabot is offering a collection of 12 limited edition 1911 pistols for 2021. One gun for each month of the year! Cabot pistols are crafted in-house from the finest materials and constructed to the highest tolerances in the industry. We have limited the production of each month’s offering to only 21 pistols so we can guarantee delivery dates, and each gun will have a custom serial number to ensure provenance.

The Offerings

Please note, each image is a digital rendering and the final models may have minor aesthetic differences

January- Enter the Dragon

In the wake of the smoldering carcass of the world in 2020 Cabot decided to enter 2021 in a fashion that would even make Bruce Lee proud!!  Enter the Dragon is a bold limited edition of Cabot’s coveted Drako Garra 1911. Finished in a distinctly bold two-tone with satin polished flats, a gold TiN barrel, stainless steel bead front sight, New Cabot Rear Sight, and Black Marble Carbon fiber grips it is certain to grab attention upon your entrance!

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number Range: JAN21-1-OF-21 through JAN21-21-OF-21

February- The Carry Demon

Our signature Gran Torino model is popular because it turns heads like the hottest of muscle cars and you can get it any way you want as long as it is in Government length… until now.  Cabot broke the mold of the GT by creating the Carry Demon!!  This limited edition sports a  bobtail grip on a commander length frame.   Finished in a full premium diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coating,  Demon Red bobtail grips and a Stainless Bead front sight.  Get one now, because you will not find one in the future. They will be……going fast!!

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: FEB21-1-OF-21 Through FEB21-21-OF-21

March - Bellringer

Bells bring us happiness. From the Liberty Bell to the dinner bell they just make us smile. So if you are like us there is no bell more exciting than the steely rapport of a downrange plate gong as it is impacted by a full-metal jacket projectile in the golden caliber, 45ACP.  If you know that sound, The Bellringer is built for you.  Fitted with a bushing compensator and topped with a Trijicon RMR, and Ebony Fibonacci grips, this gun will ring whatever bell makes you smile!

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: MAR21-1-OF-21 Through MAR21-21-OF-21

NOTE: Production Bellringers will have a front sight and utilize our new low profile RMR mounting system with integrated rear sights

April - Costa Edition

On a fairly typical Wednesday afternoon training mogul Chris Costa knocked on our door and wanted to spec out a Cabot 1911 for his personal use. Of course we listened and were honored to build every detail to exactly what he wanted in his hand. The Costa Limited 1911 is an exact duplication of Chris’ personal gun right down to the very last detail. This Cabot is adorned with our indestructible Vintage Classic finish, Trinity Stripe front and rear cocking serrations, fiber optic front sight, ambi safety, and custom checkering under the trigger guard, slide stop and on the frame…just the way Chris likes it. We like it too!

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: APR21-1-OF-21 Through APR21-21-OF-21

May - Cobalt Damascus

Cabot has rewritten the book on the use of Damascus steels and the Cobalt Damascus limited edition is a new chapter with the first “tri-top” style slide. The slide bevels accentuate the intricate Damascus steel patterns in a way unlike any previous Cabot. With a lower finished with a stunning cobalt blue PVD and “White Marble” Carbon Fiber grips this limited edition pushes far beyond anything seen before in a very capable 1911 pistol.   

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: MAY21-1-OF-21 Through MAY21-21-OF-21

June - The ICONoclast

Let’s be frank, we’re not certain how we convinced Master Engraver Lee Griffith to engrave a limited edition set of 21 pistols for our Gun-of-the-Month 2021.  A once-in-a-generation talent, Lee Griffith creates museum-quality masterpieces such as our Dante’s Inferno and Dragon Fire. The ICONoclast is a limited edition hand-engraved pistol that gives you an opportunity to own the work of this Master.  Lee’s unique engraving blends directly into the stainless steel birdnest grips creating an entirely new style of engraving that reflects light in a way never seen before on a firearm.

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: JUN21-1-OF-21 Through JUN21-21-OF-21

July - Copper Commander

Elemental copper has been cherished for thousands of years for its beauty and versatility. The first metal, copper is also the only elemental metal that is usable in its pure state and it is also an essential element to all living organisms. Unfortunately, we can’t build a gun from it! But we have taken advantage of the rich copper color by finishing a Cabot bobtail commander with a copper PVD finish. Topping off with some mammoth ivory grip panels makes the Copper Commander a perfectly discreet carry 1911 with a distinct and personal look. 

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number Range: JUL21-1-OF-21 Through JUL21-21-OF-21

August - Belligerent NERO

The Cabot Nero is our full-feature tactical 1911 for the shooting enthusiast who desires a frame rail, magwell, and fiber optic front sight. Now we made it just a little more belligerent for the Belligerent Nero limited edition. The Belligerent Nero is a little louder with a ported barrel and slide windows and a little bolder with a stainless steel finish with black small parts and topped off with some ancient bog oak grips that are equally belligerent. In the shooter’s hand the ports will offer supreme muzzle rise control while the sights and sounds of the ported barrel will let everyone know you are just a little bit belligerent.  

Caliber: .45acp

Serial Number Range: AUG21-1-OF-21 Through AUG21-21-OF-21

September - The Hornet

Each and every hornet defends its colony with ferocious aggression. Their super fast speed and piercing sting keeps all other species at bay. The Cabot Hornet 1911 embodies these same principles with a sleek black DLC finish with golden TiN small parts and barrel. Chambered in 38 Super the Hornet will offer the speed and the sting you always desired in a 1911.  Smooth Ebony grips finish out this uniquely capable 1911.

Caliber: 38super

Serial Number Range: SEP21-1-OF-21 Through SEP21-21-OF-21

October - Rhone Damascus

If basic human desire took on a physical form it would be Damascus steel.  The metal of Kings and Nobles, Damascus steel is incredibly durable and unimaginably beautiful in any form. When painstakingly formed into a Cabot Rhone pistol the this unique pattern welded steel truly comes to life. The Rhone Damascus Limited Edition pistol has a Damascus Steel bull barrel slide and finished to a high contrast super-etch finish and a black DLC steel frame. Chambered in 9mm if defines the perfect form and function for a carry pistol.  

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number Range: OCT21-1-OF-21 Through OCT21-21-OF-21

November - Raven 100

A hand engraved timeless beauty. The Raven 100 features custom engraving born from a style rooted in 19th century ephemera (stylized printed designs).  The light and linear treatment of the scrollwork is designed and engraved by FEGA Master Engraver Otto Carter.  Both Artist and Engraver, Carter is renowned for his work on OAK projects like The Legend of Sacromonte, The Sixth Commandment and the popular SOB Limited Edition Series.  The antique patina finish of the Raven 100 gives these pieces a truly original feel that will add a unique addition to any collection. Otto has once again blurred the lines between guns and art. 

December - The Diplomat

When negotiations break down, let The Diplomat do the talking.  The Diplomat is a big 10mm 1911 with a full length frame, extended magwell, and finished in a jet black DLC and exotic wenge wood grips. International in flair and dominant in presence, The Diplomat is at your side!

Caliber: 10mm

Serial Number Range: DEC2021-1 Through DEC2021-21

Collection Value - $84,740

Sold Out

By placing a $6,000 deposit you are agreeing to take delivery of one Custom Cabot Pistol each month in 2021.  The Full set is valued at $84,740 and will be broken up into equal monthly payments due before each pistol ships.

All images are digital renderings, final guns may have slight aesthetic differences.  Cabot Guns reserves the right to make minor changes to delivered guns

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